Monday, February 11, 2013

Chicago Mag Has Lunch with Alderman Fioretti

Last week Chicago Magazine had an article from their "Lunch With Ald. Bob Fioretti".  Honestly, it was a pretty boring read if you ask us.  Wish they would have asked him some more questions about getting screwed by the new ward map or anything to do with the wards he represents.  Instead they published some broad questions that didn't really interest us.  Regardless, worth a read if you got 5 minutes to spare.

Our favorite exchange:
CF: Who’s the better mayor, Rich [Daley] or Rahm?
RF: I think we’ll have to see where this one goes, too early to judge. We ought to be attracting businesses from all around the world….. Job creation is different from bringing jobs from the suburbs to the city and saying, “I brought in lots of jobs.”
CF: People seem to appreciate Rahm’s intensity and hard work ethic.
RF: I hear it up and down now. I wish Mayor Daley was back…. I think Rahm has a long way to go to endear himself to the citizens.

Or maybe this one (which he hits out of the park like a true politician):
CF: What’s your biggest mistake as alderman? 
RF: Voting [during the Daley administration] for the parking meter privatization…. It turned out that everything they told me was a lie and not only that but they lied to us about how they were going to spend the money. They raided those funds and everything is gone. Would I have ever voted for this misrepresentation? I would never have voted for it.
Seems like a polished answer to the "What's your biggest weakness?" interview question.

My response typically is, "I care to much!".

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