Friday, September 21, 2012

Sloopin Ranked 6th Best Neighborhood News Site in Chicago

Well this is nice to hear:  Sloopin is Ranked the 6th Best Neighborhood News Site in Chicago (on page 10 of this pdf)

From Chicago Community Trust's recent press release:
Two reports were released today (9/13) at the 2012 Chicago Community Information Summit at The Chicago Community Trust:
  • The NEW News 2012: Ranking Chicago’s Online News Scene, by Thom Clark and Emily Culbertson of The Community Media Workshop, and
  • Linking Audiences to News II: 2012 Network Analysis of Chicago Websites, by Rich Gordon of Northwestern University and Zachary Johnson of Syndio Social. 
The reports used a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures to identify the most noteworthy sites and to shed light on changes in the landscape since similar studies were conducted two years ago.
We've had some conversations with people at The Chicago Community Trust and are honored to be ranked in this thorough, time intensive report.

According to their ranking (on page 10 of this pdf) Sloopin's synopsis was:
If you're interested in the local news scene, the conference video is live and interesting (depending on your definition of interesting).  According to their research, the "neighborhood news" portion is
Innovation is happening on the neighborhood level. The biggest diversity in sites, business models and news presentation is happening in neighborhood news, where online start-ups compete with weekly papers and efforts funded by foundations and nonprofits. Add to that innovation EveryBlock and the New Communities aggregator, and you see the most diversity in online news approaches in neighborhoods.”
We like to hear this and agree.  Hopefully you do as well.

Thanks for your support!

Sloopin Crew


Dan said...

Congrats on 6th place! Next year 1st!

Sloopy said...

Thanks Dan!

One of the knocks on Sloopin was that we didn't engage with our readers. Hopefully they see me responding to your comment and take note for next year :)

MarkChicago said...

Congrats. I would suggest more pics of things progressing, even the most mundane. From the comments (i.e. Bash on Wabash), many people don't even know what's going on in the next block and I'm sure would appreciate it.

Sloopy said...

Thanks for the suggestion Mark and we will try to capture things as they progress.

...and if you see something take a pic for us as well (and that goes for anyone reading this).

I know you've contributed in the past, so thanks for that!

TS said...

In the spirit of engaging the reader and incorporating pics, can you either add the ability to post pics on the message board and/or create a pinterest style section on the site or someway for ppl to post their own pics. Just a thought...I think the message board has been a great addition and the picture auggestion is a good one....just trying to bridge the gap between the two.

Anonymous said...

This site is so great! I just signed a 2-year lease of a condo in the Sloop and I am SO glad I found this news site. Can't wait to be a part of the community! - Jim