Monday, September 24, 2012

Construction for Mariano's Fresh Market About to Begin

There has been a lot of anticipation for the planned Mariano's Fresh Market that is slated to come to the South Loop.  A reader sent us the picture above and states:
New sign up at 16th & Clark.
Maybe construction to start soon?
Well over on our message board there has been a lot of conversation on this particular topic and one poster let us know that the Alderman Pat Dowell sent out an email about an official groundbreaking ceremony:
Neighbors and Friends:
You are cordially invited to the official groundbreaking of the new Mariano's Fresh Market to be built at 1625 South Clark Street. The event will be held on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 1pm. Mariano's is expanding its presence in Chicago with a three story commercial building consisting of a 65,000 sq. ft. grocery store, a surface parking lot with 50 parking spaces and a two floor parking deck above the grocery store with 140 parking spaces on the second floor parking deck and 150 spaces on the third floor of the deck. 
Mariano’s Fresh Market is unlike any other store and I am excited to bring them to the South Loop. I hope you will come out and celebrate the beginning of what will be a welcomed addition to our community. 
Please come out and meet Bob Mariano, President and CEO of Mariano's and his team. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been invited.
So there you have it, work is about to begin.

(Hat tip: EK & TJ!)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this store. I shop at the one on Benton Pl. now and it's a great store. Spotless clean, great variety of products. Beautiful fruits and vegetables.
Maybe it will cause the local Jewel and Dominick"s to clean up.

Anonymous said...

The Mariano's west loop location on Halsted and Mornoe will be opening in 2013. Hope this information will help south loop shoppers until the location on Clark and 16th Street is built in 2014/2015.

Anonymous said...

Note to Jewel and Dominick's: If you think you are losing customers to Mariano's, Pete's Fresh Market, Target, Walmart/Walmart Market, Whole Foods, and Aldi's; just wait when Meijer starts opening stores in the city. They already have one near the city limits in in Berwyn, Illinois and another being built on 95th and Western in Evergreen Park, IL.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Mariano's, as your tax dollars are more than likely paying for it. I've yet to see a Mariano's that isn't getting at least some subsidy (TIF) from the city:

Proposed Mariano's in the 47th Ward:

West Loop:$7_million_subsidy_for_Mariano's


While I can't speak to the latter two, the 47th Ward is by no means an area where any monetary incentive should be needed to open a business. It is the exact opposite of the type of neighborhood TIF money was originally intended for.

Anonymous said...

Sadly this won't do too much to improve the Jewel, as the Jewel didn't shape up post-TJ's opening. Walked into Jewel to buy trash bags last week and was horrified by the overall condition of the store and the behavior of the employees. I'm shocked that anyone would purchase and consume food that sat on those shelves.

Anonymous said...

omg Anon give me a break----that a ted snobby.

Ted Snobby said...

I agree, that's classic me.

BRENDAN said...

< sigh >

More gold from our beloved "anons"

Really wish it didnt go back to the juvenile posts by these idiots

Ted Snobby said...

Deepest apologies Brendan. I shall impose upon myself the harshest of punishments, banishment from this blog, forevermore, and forthwith. Godspeed good sir.
-Theodore Ramshackle Snobby III