Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spanglish to Open Cinco de Mayo?

It's been awhile since we've heard anything about the "coming soon" signs for Spanglish, the Mexican Kitchen on State street between Congress and Harrison.

Last night an anonymous source within the restaurant community tipped a Sloopin confidant that Spanglish was planning on opening on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo).

While we can't confirm or deny this opening date, it appears that a lot of work still needs to be done inside the space. We've walked by a couple times to what appears to be nothing going on inside the restaurant. We will see... hopefully this is true!
(Hat tip: DMF!)


FitGuy said...

its amazing how excited people get for a random fast food place going up

Anonymous said...

They haven't so much as picked up a broom in there in months. Doubt the rumor is true.

Casper said...

I agree with FitGuy

This blog's main discussions are concerning chipolte, Spanglish, Chef Lucianos, Donnas Cafe, pita heaven, new bakerys, etc

Do you people do anything other than dream about trans fats?

Anonymous said...

If you two don't like the topics, why don't you suggest some...

Urban Politician said...


Anonymous said...

Casper and fit guy,
What would you like to talk about?

New options are exciting and it is a sign of growth for the south loop. So when new places such as the scout are opening it is exciting to talk about them.

And as far as chipotle not opening in the south loop is quite disturbing because there must be an underlying reason why.

finally for a area to develop and have more foot traffic you need to have options for the people to go to. So any opening is exciting for the south loop and why don't you two join a healthy eating focused blog?

Anonymous said...

Fit guy. Your rants are old. If you are actually a lawyer and a family man quit obsessing about this blog and spend more time with your family and job. . It's jut weird and sad. I love the fact that new restaurants are discussed on this blog. It draws attention for us to support new business. Your rants get people off topic and I hope you get blocked from contributing idiocy. Thank for all that contribute. By the way. The new place replacing tribute is opening tomorrow. This is actually contributing instead o f calling everybody fat

Anonymous said...

If you have to call yourself "fitguy" you have problems right out of the box.

I enjoy reading about everything headed to the South Loop from food joint...to shoe store....it all builds the character of the neighborhood. Thanks Sloopin!!

steven said...

fit guy has a valid point, there are other things going on in this area besides bakery and fast mexican food. He has a right to voice that opinion just as much as you have the right to call his rants old

Again-- the anons on this blog are terrible

Fitterthanfitguy said...

Hey fit guy, what's your max bench, vertical jump, time in the 40, mile, how many pull ups/sit ups can you do?

Until you can answer these, I'm going to assume you are the type that is "fit" because you go to the gym once a week. No need to be a prick and be negative when people are just discussing the happenings in their neighborhood, and rightly so!

If you'd like to complain and point fingers at everyone for not being you, go attend a bill maher taping. Michael Moore while you're at it.

-Fitter and nicer than you.

BRENDAN said...

I would hardly call a 14 word sentence a "rant"