Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 Bash on Wabash Scheduled for Sept 17th and 18th?

Back in July a reader pondered whether or not the Bash on Wabash was happening in 2011. From the stream of comments on that post, it sounded like it wasn't going to happen.

NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND (that's in honor of the upcoming football season - gotta love Lee Corso)! According to an article in this weeks Chicago Journal it looks like it's happening on September 17th and 18th:

After many weeks of confusion and uncertainty, the Bash on Wabash looks like
it’ll happen this year after all, on September 17 and 18.
Good to hear, but it makes us a little nervous that the last second nature of this will prevent it from being good.

Hopefully they can pull off a miracle...maybe this is the year we change it up and commence the "Dash Down Wabash!" (see comment thread on the post from July).


Anonymous said...

It appears that this year will be a half-hearted (less-budgeted) effort. I say "go all in or don't go at all" if this year's event is going to be less than last year's Bash, then why do it?
Save up for 2012
Change the theme that is more attractive
Wait until AT&T completes destroying the street
If the Bash is anything like last year, I will be walking on through and walking away.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard the Sadies are going to be playing, that alone is worth having the bash.