Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Search of Running Buddies

We recently had a post about a reader's desire to have a running store open in the Sloop. We do too, but maybe we need to take baby steps to achieve this goal. Which is why we thought this reader's email might be that first step:
Hello Sloopin':

I am interested in a running group for the South Loop area. Do you know if anyone has ever expressed interested in or attempted to organize one in the past?

Many thanks,
Ironically we just got another post last night from a reader saying that they're starting a running group:
Hey Guys,

So I've lived in the neighborhood for almost 5 years now and have finally devoted some time to starting a running club in the South Loop. We're few in numbers right now (I created a website just a couple of weeks ago), but we have high hopes for helping out runners looking to team up for great runs along the lake.

I'm in the process of partnering with local businesses for sponsorships as I'd like the club to be free for all to join and participate. I'm especially excited in hopes of finding a venue that will welcome our club weekly for post~run drinks/meals.

As a recognizable source for what's going on in the Sloop, I thought you might have an idea or two about the best way to reach other Sloopers. I thought of commenting on a post but I didn't want to comment off topic or link the website without permissions. Any insight would be helpful.


Here is the link to their website ( Best of luck and have a good run!

(hat tip: BK & A!)


Anonymous said...

Oh damn. I just gave them my info and nowhere on the blog does it say who I just gave it to. Damn! So dumb. BEWARE. Who knows who the myesterious South Loop Running Club belongs to!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Allen Patin, I've started the South Loop Running Club. We've received a lot of great feedback thanks to today's post.

I am really excited about having a running club the South Loop can call their own! Anyone that has any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us. Because we're so new, we are completely open to suggestions and want this to be YOUR running club. I'm not an elite runner and definitely don't know everything about running, but I LOVE to run and know it will be great to share the joy of running with other South Loopers.

@ Anonymous - you have a valid concern. The ONLY reason we asked for your email address is to communicate to you, no other reason. The SLRC is trying to do a good thing for the neighborhood. I hope you come out and run with us.

Thanks Sloopin'

Anonymous said...

The number of people that runs between Oak Street and the South Loop in the lake front pales in comparison to north of Oak Street. Every Saturday morning I'd run from Adler area to Fullerton and there's like a gazillion joggers after I pass the Mag Mile compared to the half-dozen or so people in the South Loop (not counting the special running events). Back in October/November, hardly anyone runs after 6PM around the Museum Campus/Grant Park/Lake... Usually, I'd see 3-4 other people jogging and the occasional copper playing with his dog (I think he's a copper). It’s pretty cool actually as there’s zero beggars roaming around and you feel like you’re running in your own little world.

brucekatlincreates said...

Thanks Sloopin' Crew for putting the word out. Within two days I'm connected to a running group! They are a legit group of committed runners and I look forward to running with people in the Hood.


Anonymous said...

The primary reason Allen and I created the running club was to offer citizens of the south loop protection while running, in addition to our passion for the sport.

If you, like we were, scared to venture in the streets alone when running - please join us. There is strength in numbers. Plus, it's not everyday you get to run with good looking and in-shape men.

Runner Rick