Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TLC Cafe Opening on February 15th?

In case you didn't click through to the Chicago Magazine link we posted on Friday and read the entire article there were two other interesting tidbits about other restaurants in the neighborhood.

Don't try any funny business at Donna's Cafe (1255 S. State St.; 312-461-1005), where the namesake Donna put in 25 years with the Chicago police, patrolling the streets of Englewood. . . .

Homemade meat loaf, pulled pork, and hand-carved turkey sandwiches will be on
offer at the cafeteria-style TLC (424 S. Wabash Ave.; 312-880-0818), a sister restaurant to Chicago Carry Out. Target opening date is February 15th.

Most avid Slooping followers knew the tidbit about Donna's, but the news about TLC is encouraging. Hope it's a good place...

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taya said...

Why didn't she open this business in bronzeville by IIT? I've been reading this blog for sometime now and I can tell she won't survive. The standards/expectations for the south loop is impossibly high for someone like her. She should have started off small in bronzeville and then launched to the south loop. Shes a beginner, she needs more wiggle room. I've visited this establishment a few times and was very pleased. I've actually told her this before she deceided to open here. I told her to start smaller, downtown is a tough market (that I don't think she really understands) only the best will survive.