Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gotta Like Rahm's Plan for More Bike Paths

This is an older story, but it just came to our attention again that Rahm is the only mayoral candidate to have a plan for Bikes. Although we know that Chicago is one of the nation's friendliest biking cities, hopefully they continue to make improvements and become the best biking city in the country. If you want to see this happen, Rham might be your guy.
According to

Electoral Promises
  • Electoral promises aren't the safest bet around, but let's have a look
    anyway. What has been promised so far?

  • He will build 25 miles of new bike lanes each year and prioritize protected
    bike lanes.
    "...initiate a review of [the Bike 2015 Plan's] goals and
    timelines to identify opportunities to expand the plan and accelerate the pace
    of implementation."

  • Rahm will have the Bloomingdale Trail open and functional by the end of his

  • Make an ordinance that says buildings with over 200 workers must install
    indoor bike parking.

  • Double the number of on-street bike parking, including in
We like the sound of this. If only he could promise to convert the train tracks that are just north of 16th street into a walking/biking path to the lake...then we would be talking!


Anonymous said...

Other candidates such as Del Valle is pro bike as well.

But to change anything down to bike paths has some red tape connected to it. The Parking Meter company (LAZ) may have final say to approve bike lanes and such.

If any plans such as adding a bike lane causes the loss of a parking spot then LAZ can ask for refunds from the city. All changes to any block or development of the city in the 75 years is under their approval.

Rahm likes to promise things that are not under his powers since there is little blame if things dont go his way. Similar to when asked about the service tax list of items he wants to add tax to. He puts the blame on Springfield cause its up to them to choose the items...not him. The man is nothing but fuzzy math and fuzzy promises and nothing worth voting for.

Anonymous said...

Uh, it's spelled Rahm ....

Anonymous said...

Miguel del Valle is also another person who promotes bike rights. Check out a video of a rally held in the cold on Feb 11th for Miguel del Valle!