Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Chicago Auto Show Kicks Off Today

It's Mid-February and that can only mean one's time for the Chicago Auto Show. Even if you're not a car buff, it's a fun spectacle to witness. The show claims to be the biggest in the nation and it's right in our backyard. There are a ton of interesting interactive displays where you can take rides and what not.

Our personal favorite is looking at the concept cars. It's always fun to dream and these cars typically are far out there, but fun to think about regardless. It reminds us of the Simpson's episode where Homer creates his perfect car since his long lost brother is a car exec (sorry for the black and white video, but it was all we could find on Youtube...regardless it's a good clip):

Anyway, one of the Chicago Now blogs has a good rundown of some basic info about times and other important facts. Enjoy!

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