Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wing Stop Open on Harrison

This is slightly old news, but we wanted to mention it regardless. A Wing Stop shop recently opening up on 12 E Harrison in University Center (essentially on the corner of State and Harrison).

If you're like me, you don't know much about Wing Stop. I tend to favor chicken wings from a local bar if I'm in the mood for them. Here are some relatively positive reviews on Yelp and below is a quick blurb from their website:
It’s no wonder we have sold so many wings after wins at the Buffalo Wing Festival 3 years in a row. Wingstop has taken chicken wings to a whole new level by saucing and tossing them in a choice of 9 flavors.

Wingstop is not fast food; our wings are made with care and served up piping hot. Every order is made fresh when you order it; nothing sits under a heat lamp. In addition to hot fresh wings our sides are homemade. Fresh Cut Seasoned Fries are cut daily in every restaurant from Idaho Potatoes. If you haven’t tried any of our sides you are missing out!

Did we mention that Troy Aikman is their national spokesperson for Wing Stop? If that' doesn't sell you, we're not sure what would.

He's so charismatic...especially vintage Troy pitching for coke:


RB said...

I love wing stop! I moved here from Dallas a few years back and these are everywhere down there. They have great flavors (Teriyaki, Lemon Parmesan, Atomic (these will bring you to tears)to name a few). My only complaint is that they don't deliver. But if you like wings give them a shot. Their fries are delicious too!

Anonymous said...

I was there for carryout before the Bears-Patriots "game". The fresh-cut fries are delicious (seasoned) but were a bit soggy when I tasted them right after getting the bag (maybe they sat around too long before I picked up my order). I got the boneless chicken strip family pack for about $25 and it was a good amount of food for the price. The strips had a little too much breading, but the sauces were tasty. Carrots and celery were fresh and crispy. Looking forward to returning soon for actual wings.

Anonymous said...

Great, more suburban chain crap in the city.

LIke there's not already a million other places to get wings.

Better than a empty storefront I guess

Anonymous said...

tried it tonite...the food was great(original wings)..better than expected..the fries are addicting..recommend