Monday, December 27, 2010

A Look at the Sloop Through an Interactive Census Map

A friend of Sloopin sent us a link to this sweet New York Times interactive Census map and needless to say we had some fun. Above is a screen shot of the greater South Loop area. The data is based off of samples from 2005-2009. You can see Chinatown towards the bottom, Pilsen to the Left and the diversity especially south of Roosevelt.

If you click on this link I promise you will have some more fun. Zoom out and see the racial makeup of the broader city. Or take a look at HHI or family statistics. We played with this for at least an hour. Enjoy!

(Hat tip: Bizau!)


Anonymous said...

I never realized that there were so many people living on Meighs Field and in Grand Park.

Anonymous said...

maybe it counts the homeless.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that when I saw the map last week in the Times. Very odd. There can't be hundreds of homeless people in Grant Park and Northerly Island ... each dot is supposed to be, what, 50 people? Maybe those are people who live elsewhere in that tract and they were just distributing them evenly across it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, at the bottom of the chart it notes the following: "Dots are evenly distributed across each Census tract or county."