Friday, December 31, 2010

A Look Back at 2010: #1 - Trader Joes

Over the final week of 2010 we will be highlighting the five most popular Sloopin posts of the year. This is based on page views from our Google Analytics tool.

Our number 1 story of 2010 from March 25th, 2010

Rumor Has It...Trader Joe's Moving Into Old Sam's Space

Our take now: It's not surprising that this is the top story on Sloopin in 2010. Back in March, many people were eager, but disappointed when it seemed like this rumor wasn't true. However, in November it was confirmed and most readers were super excited (including us). We will see how this progresses, but it should definitely provide a nice shot in the arm for the Sloop!

Finally, thanks to everyone for the amazing year! It's been an interesting one and we couldn't have survived without readers. Keep the comments coming and always remember that your emails are much appreciated around here.

Here is to a happy and healthy New Year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear this. I think this will be wildly successful. I actually believe Kleiner can really pull this off.

On a side note. Please see this link regarding more shady things ole harwood had done. This will infuriate you!

key point from article:
"It’s the second time within weeks the fire department has been sent to the building. The restaurant recently had a gas leak that forced the building’s evacuation, Bowhay said."