Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Million Dollar View for Rent

YoChicago had a fun and interesting post last week about a $10,000/month rental within one of the South Loop's signature high rises, One Museum Park. Although it seems steep, the views are truly amazing (check out some sweet pics here).


Anonymous said...

Great views of course, but seriously, the fittings and fixtures, while nice, don't seem to be anything special compared to most high-end places in the South Loop.

Anonymous said...

The scary part is $10K doesn't even cover the owner's economic cost (say $2.6MM price * 5% + taxes + assessment + ...)

Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for awesome views. I had top apt. at 400 N. McClurg Ct--awesome view of Lake. Eventually realized the view wasn't worth the extra money. I did have a friend who lived on one of the top floors of The Grand Plaza (off N. State somewhere) and rented for 10K a month. 2 levels with a HUGE wraparound balcony which to me looked better than this one...but I would take either.