Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Store on South East Corner of Wabash and 18th?

A reader writes:
Any idea what's going on in that little storefront on the SE corner of Wabash and 18th? While walking by last week I saw some movement inside--chairs and tables and maybe some refrigerators. I personally think it would be a great cafe/coffee shop for all the moms walking home from picking up their kids from the South Loop Elementary School Branch building on 19th/Archer, but I'm biased :)
(Hat Tip: RAF!)


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure there hasn't been any change to this building in quite awhile. The rerigerator and chairs have been near the door in a half-hazardly kind of way for many, many months. Similiar to the old Sams building.

Anonymous said...

I work on wabash and recently had a chance to speak to the new tenants. They are suppose to be opening up a sausage/hot dog stand in the very near future.