Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Factory to be Converted into a Hotel?

A reader sent us a link to a recent article in the Sun-times about a factory that's close to Chinatown (and arguably on the outskirts of the South Loop) potentially being zoned and developed into a hotel:
Developers have proposed turning a vacant industrial giant on the South Side into a hotel serving Chinatown, Pilsen and McCormick Place.

An investment group has requested a zoning change for 465 W. Cermak, a 101-year-old factory that has been vacant for years. It sits in a small landmark district that honors the city's industrial past.

The zoning application calls for converting the five-story building into a 200-room hotel, with about 120,000 square feet for stores and restaurants.

(Hat Tip: JJ!)


Anonymous said...

Canal -- too far West.
Cermak-- too far South.
Stick to the South Loop.

Allen said...

South Loop = Canal is the west border, Cermak is not too far South (Highway 55 is the border/24th Street)

Anonymous said...

Ignore the above poster. I'm glad to hear about news surrounding the South Loop area. It's not like the South Loop is an island and nothing around it doesn't affect it.

Andy said...

While I agree this is (almost) outside the South Loop, it's kind of in its own niche, and I doubt one could dedicate a blog just to this area, so why not?

Anonymous said...

Unless this venture is solely targeting an Asian demographic, I can't help but think it will tank.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as though it is in Chinatown and the article quotes the alderman saying "The clientele would be Chinese business people," I think it is likely that it is solely targeting an Asian demographic.

Anonymous said...

I'm picturing a very low end, cheap, roach-coach type place that will become blighted and run-down within a few years and become an eyesore and magnet for Pacific Garden Mission-types.