Friday, June 11, 2010

Retail Moving in at 15th and Wabash?

A reader writes:
I live near Coliseum Park (1440 S. Wabash), and thought you might want to look into what's happening with the lone retail space in the Coliseum Park condos at Wabash and 15th. The for lease signs that were in the windows have been removed, and I'm pretty sure they were there a week or two ago. Hard to tell if there's anything really happening inside, but I'm curious to know if something is going in here. When the building went up a couple of years ago, there was a coffee shop rumor, but that never materialized.
We scoured the Internet but didn't have much success finding anything. Maybe they're just changing the signs to a new Realtor? Not sure, hopefully something is moving in there, does anyone know?

(Hat Tip: JN!)

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Anonymous said...

No retail there. New "for lease" sign just went up. This spot, like the bevy of other vacant fronts in the sloop, was dumped by the developer to a real estate agent. This spot, like the bevy of other vacant fronts in this hood, will sit abandoned and neglected for months (maybe years).

With sooooo many young kids in the Sloop, I can't figure out why nobody opens a children's store. Would go over HUGE. The children's stores in Wicker Park and Lincoln Park are massive hits with the locals.