Monday, July 12, 2021

New Event Space Called G314 Moving Into Former Vice District Brewing Space on Michigan

Looks like a new business is moving into the former Vice District Brewing space at 1454 S. Michigan:

G314Chi is a prestigious event studio located in Chicago's South Loop Neighborhood. Our studio approaches designing the perfect event with a critical eye that challenges the typical vision of a event space.

From the simplest gatherings, to the more sophisticated soiree, we are passionate about delivering a positively unforgettable experience. Our team thrives on creating client relationships that foster a connection where we are not only providing an amazing space for your event, but actually becoming a part of its success.

It's unclear who exactly this is catered to, but it appears it won't be an amenity that is constantly open to the neighborhood.  That said, as the city hopes the convention business bounces back from the pandemic these types of spaces seem well positioned to cater to these groups. 

As a reminder, Vice District Brewing closed back in 2019.  We were very excited when they opened as it brought a completely new dynamic to the neighborhood.  Unfortunately they ran into some challenges on various fronts.  It seemed like it was more of an internal issue that cause Vice's business to fail (they were also opening up other locations on the South Side) vs. the neighborhood not supporting them.  It was probably a combination of it all.

Anyway you cut it, G314 seems to be taking advantage of the space and simply updating the look (via HelloSouthLoop:

It's not clear when they're officially opening, but seems like it will come quickly.

FWIW - looks like this company also has a location in Atlanta so it appears that this is not their first rodeo.  

Regardless - welcome to the Sloop!

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