Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Bureau Pizza Co. Moving Into Former Pauly's Pizza Spot on South State

We posted in June about another pizza place moving into the old Pauly's Pizza at 719 S. State and it looks like a name has emerged on the window:

So Bureau Pizza Company looks to be the name, but beyond that we're unsure much about this spot.  Their website has pretty limited info as of now with a splash page:

The immediate thought is whether this new Bureau Pizza Co. has any association with Bureau Bar + Restaurant further south on State (2115 S. State).  Kenny Johnson, the owner of Bureau Bar + Restaurant, also had a small bar called The Bureau Bar at 75 E. 16th awhile back so maybe this is just another expansion of his operation? 

If anyone has intel let us know.

Anyway, we'll be watching this one.  It is well documented that the neighborhood - and specifically the printers row area - has a lot of options when it comes to cheesy pie.

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