Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Is Two-Story Nondescript Parking Garage at 801 S. Wabash a Crime Magnet?

We've walked by this parking lot a thousand times and never thought twice about it.  That has all changed thanks to this article (via CWBChicago.com):

A nondescript two-story parking garage in the Loop is generating a lot of work for police and prosecutors lately. Since April 1, cops have made three arrests, recovered two guns, and seized a lot of pot and other drugs at the easy-to-miss garage at 801 South Wabash, according to prosecutors. It’s the same garage where a 16-year-old boy was fatally shot in November.

On top of all of that, police last month included the garage on a list of downtown parking facilities that were being targeted in a wave of auto break-ins across the Loop. Perhaps because of those burglaries, cops have been paying more attention to the garage lately.

The article gives some more details, but still has us scratching our head as to why this is such a magnate for crime.  Anyone have any insight?  Is it low cost?  Low surveillance?

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