Friday, November 20, 2020

Paisans Pizzeria Officially Open at 700 S. Clark

We received the following email and pic from a reader:

Got a flyer in the mailbox Thursday afternoon from the apparently recently-opened South Loop Paisans Pizzeria and had a large thin crust delivered just hours later.  

What was I supposed to do - NOT order "The Best Pizza in the World"? (according to the flyer!)

Pleased to say the pizza was indeed pretty excellent - can't wait to give the extra thin a try next time!

We recently walked by the location and it looks nice.  They also have a banner on the window saying "now open":

In case you missed it we posted about this back in December of 2019.  This isn't the first location of Paisans Pizza so they know what they're doing.  However, the Sloop and Printers Row is jammed packed with pizza options so should be curious to see how they do.

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