Monday, November 2, 2020

Restaurants Gear Up for a Challenging Winter as Covid-19 Cases Increase & New Rules Are Implemented for Public Safety

We know winter is upon us and with rising Covid-19 cases in and around Chicago we all are preparing to move indoor.  With that in mind, the state has put in place new measures to mitigate spread of the virus and that impacts indoor dining/drinking.

It's a tough move that no doubt has drawn criticism from restaurant owners and others.  As we look around the Sloop, some restaurants are uniquely positioned to offer outdoor dining.  Places like Flo & Santos, Chicago Firehouse and Roots Pizza have amble outdoor space and seem able to offer outdoor dining (although it's not without challenges and uncertainties).

We noticed Sofi - the Italian Restaurant on Dearborn in Printers Row - has constructed tents on the sidewalk with heaters inside:

We applaud these businesses for trying to soldier on through these difficult times.  

As residents in the Sloop, we highly encourage everyone to try your best to support these businesses.  Even if it doesn't mean eating at the restaurant outside, takeout & gift certificates will go a long way.

Stay safe and support our local business and restaurants!

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