Monday, July 13, 2020

Vanille Out ; Taketei Sushi In at 800 S. Michigan

It appears that a new sushi spot is moving into the corner retail spot of Hotel Essex at the corner of 8th and Michigan:

For those not familiar with this corner, it's where the Vanille coffee and bakery was located.  It seems as if that outfit is out of the space.  They opened with the hotel in the Spring of 2019.

While we love sushi, the neighborhood already has a good amount of sushi and Asian food at this point.  Just down the block there is Niu B (888 S. Michigan) is focused on Sushi.

We're not super familiar with Taketei but it appears that they're relocating from River North.  The restaurant has a solid 4.6 rating on Yelp so that's encouraging.

(Hat tip:  JTS!)

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