Thursday, July 30, 2020

Checking In at the Jazz Showcase During the Pandemic

The Tribune recently checked in to see how Chicago's Jazz club scene was handling Covid and our neighborhood haunt - the Jazz Showcase (806 S. Plymouth Ct) - got some love.  They interviewed the owner to see how things have been going:
The Jazz Showcase didn’t reopen until July 9.

“I waited a couple of extra weeks after the Green Mill and Andy’s opened up, to see how they fared,” says Segal. “I felt I’ve got to open it sometime, and I wanted to make sure that we had everything in place – all the COVID safety rules and sanitation.

“It opened up successfully. Everyone had their 6-8 foot distance,” adds Segal, noting that he had 25 customers on July 9, 37 on July 10 and 23 on July 11.

“It went better than I expected. I was a little nervous at first to see how people would act, if they would abide by the safety rules, and everyone did.”

None of the clubs is turning a profit yet. Instead, they’re trying to cut their losses, which is more easily done by staying open than closed.

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