Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Looking in at 820 S. Michigan Unique Rooftop

The Sun-Times has a good, quick read about the Johnson Publishing building on Michigan Avenue being transformed into a rental building.  One of the more interesting things we read was the efforts to add a unique amenity:
On that new 12th floor, the huge “Ebony JPC Jet” sign, heralding the iconic brand for nearly a half century, remains, now overlooking a trendy rooftop terrace with great lakefront views.
But Slezak said he wanted more than just the sign to be a reminder of the history made here.
Subtle touches of Johnson Publishing’s original ‘70s decor are sprinkled throughout. There’s the original wood paneling of the lobby and elevator; the framed Ebony and Jet covers lining a hall in the lobby; salvaged original rugs and curtains, framed, gracing upstairs halls.

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