Monday, September 9, 2019

Jet's Pizza Apparently Coming to 1140 S Wabash, But Is Chipotle Also?

A reader writes and sends us the pic below:
1140 Wabash- I think it was previously reported this might be a Chipotle.  Now where is that Chipotle?  Maybe former Bongo Room space??

While a lot of people were probably hoping for the Chipotle, apparently Jet's has a pretty loyal following.  All that said, there is sooooo much pizza in the Sloop.  While some may groan about that being a bad thing, pizza is pretty delicious.

So about that Chipotle....

As we reported back in December of 2018, Chipotle was in fact coming to this location.  Even so much so that it was on their website:

So the question is now whether or not Chipotle is coming.  On the Facebook group Hello South Loop, there are rumors that this location will have Jet's on one side and Chipotle on the other.  Time will tell...  

Anyone have any tips?

(Hat tip:  NS!)

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