Friday, March 9, 2018

Something Going On at Related Midwest's Vacant 62-Acre South Loop Lot

A reader writes:
I’ve overlooked the open lot and have been interested by the news over the years that there were plans to develop the land, but never saw any activity until the last week or so.

Late last week, they began grading an area and now appear to be beginning work on pouring concrete as of yesterday.

There’s activity right now, but it’s probably fairly difficult to get a vantage point. I’m happy to share more progress photos if this continues, but I didn’t see any reporting anywhere that there was a change.


He then followed up with this:
As a follow up, I took a quick time lapse of the activity there today.

I don’t have any construction experience, but I’m fairly certain this is just a slab without a foundation, so I presume there’s a much simpler permit and approval process.

This lot has been rumored to have a lot of things coming, but not sure what will ever materialize.  Some of the most recent and most high-profile rumors the Amazon HQ2 project and/or U of I "Discovery Partners Institute".

Time will tell...

(Hat tip:  RK!)

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