Monday, March 12, 2018

Could Dome Structure on 62-Acre Related Midwest Lot Signal Something About Amazon's HQ2?

On Friday we posted about some readers noticing some movement at Related Midwest's huge vacant lot south of Roosevelt next to the river.

Over the weekend, we noticed another shot of the progress on the Facebook page Hello South Loop:

It's a pretty unique and specific dome shape - which is kinda cool.  The thing is this got us thinking...

We've been reading about Amazon entering into the second phase of their HQ2 search and how they've started the process of visiting contending cities.  This article from CNN Money makes it sound like they've met with representatives in Washington DC and Denver already.  Beyond those two areas it's uncertain if they've met with others or if they plan to.

As we know Chicago is one of 20 finalists, but many believe we're not a front-runner (depending on who you talk to).

So what does this picture have to do with all of that?  Well...does this picture below mean anything to you (via Archpaper):

If not that's ok.  These are "Amazon’s triple-domed Spheres in downtown Seattle" which just opened earlier this year on their HQ campus. 

So in the never-ending search for clues on HQ2 process, could Related Midwest and Chicago be showcasing how Amazon's "Spheres" could come to life in our city?  After all this is one of the sites being offered to Amazon if they chose Chicago as a home for their second headquarters.

Maybe not.  Apparently a FB comment from an employee at Related Midwest simply clarifies:  "It's our meeting space for the development".

But what development?

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