Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Field Museum Brand Reminds Us: "Earth. We're on it."

Some more news coming out of the Field Museum (via Chicago Tribune):
The Field Museum is hoping to change the way people perceive it.
The institution in the big wedding cake-building by the lakefront knows that people know it as a natural history museum, stuffed with dinosaur bones and mammal dioramas and all manner of cultural artifacts from peoples across time.

But what folks aren’t so clear on is the museum’s work as a contemporary research institution, one that employs 150 scientists, officials said.

So the Field, beginning Tuesday, is rebranding itself with more emphasis on the institution as a whole and on the science done therein, part of a momentous 125th anniversary year that is also seeing a makeover of the central Stanley Field Hall, including the displacement of prized fossil Sue the T. rex in favor of a gigantic titanosaur skeleton cast.

The new slogan at the center of this first branding makeover since 1999? “Earth. We’re on it.”
Here is a video if you're looking to understand the new branding a little more:

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