Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Some More Info on Rylon's Smokehouse (67 E. Cermak)

Back at the beginning of the month we posted about a new restaurant called Rylon's Smokehouse that is proposed for Cermak.  The Chicago Tribune has some more information and what we found interesting was that it's taking over for another restaurant on Cermak:
To open Rylon's Smokehouse, the chef is partnering with owners of La Cantina Grill, the 10-year-old Mexican restaurant at 1911 S. Michigan Ave. The smokehouse will replace Pizzeria Brandi, also owned by the La Cantina group. It will include not only the former pizzeria but a small adjoining space that will be converted into the bar area, said La Cantina President John Mauro.
As you can see by the google maps shot below, we assume this means they're taking over the never opened Pretty Donkey Coffee space:

The article also goes on to talk about what we can expect:
Rylon envisions the new restaurant — a 2,400-square-foot, 40-seat space — as a sit-down place with barbecue, side dishes (including baked beans set in the smoker to catch the dripping brisket juices), brisket salads, pulled pork tacos and more, plus a full liquor license.  
His barbecue will be a combination of pit grilling and smoking, he said. He doesn't want the flavor of the meat to be overwhelmed by smoke. The sauces will be a medium consistency — not thick but not watery-thin. It's a style he hopes to define as Chicago-style barbecue, he said.

Sounds pretty delicious to us!

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