Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another Opinion on the Proposed Bike Lanes for Polk / Plymouth Ct / 9th Street

Last week we posted about a proposal for new bike lanes and a public meeting to discuss them.  It appears that there are some strong opinions on the topic (which we appreciate).

A reader writes:
Hello. I’m a resident of Plymouth Ct. in Dearborn Park II. I am extremely familiar with the traffic issues and patterns - pedestrian, cyclist, and auto - of the area under discussion. Today (last week) you posted something from “a reader” that had a VERY strong bias against the proposed bike lanes on Polk, Plymouth, and 9th. The reader was flat out wrong about the increased collisions between cyclists and other users. And also wrong about ‘ruining’ the neighborhood. Well designed cycling infrastructure always improves traffic flow (including with pedestrians, who in any case do not tend to walk in the street in Dearborn Park) and add tremendous appeal to any area. This is born out in many, many studies, but also aligns with common sense since the streets in question clearly need improvements due to their already being used by various modes of transport.
I won’t have the option of attending the public meeting next week, so I had to put in my two cents. I hope common sense dominates.
Clearly there are some strong opinions with this.  Hope people can continue to voice their thoughts and attend the meeting tonight.

(Hat tip: LN!)

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