Friday, August 12, 2016

Two Worthwhile Events at Park Community Church (1347 S. State)

A faithful reader writes:
First, I just wanted to thank you for this blog. I am the pastor at Park Community Church's South Loop Campus on S. State Street. I'm always pushing my folks to get deeply involved in the community, so your blog is a main way I stay up to date with happenings around the South Loop. Seriously great job! 
I have two questions for you. There are a few things I would love to share with the larger South Loop community.
  • South Loop Food Pantry - The first is our Food Pantry and Consignment Store that takes place every Saturday morning. We currently serve about 200 people from the neighborhood and we would love to be a great resource to anyone in the neighborhood who might be under resourced and could use the food. There is also a really wonderful consignment store for folks to by good and clothing at a really low price. 
  • Alpha Course - We run the Alpha Course a few times each year. I think a lot of folks in the South Loop could really benefit from just knowing that this course is actually offered in their backyard. The next one is beginning in September and thought I'd reach out now just for planning sake. (Here's a link to more info about Alpha if you're interested)
(Hat tip:  RC!)

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