Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Interesting Story & Sloop Tie About Controversial Group Aiming to Rehabilitate Swastika Symbol

Columbia College Building at Wabash and Congress that has Swastika Symbol
We read some stuff about a controversial movement to reclaim the Swastika as a symbol for peace and well being (it's original intended use and meaning) and distant it from its association with Nazi Germany.

Interestingly enough, the symbol is all over the city, including a Columbia College building in the Sloop (Congresss & Wabash) - Story via ABC7:
There are new concerns about an old symbol after an international religious group flew a swastika banner over Chicago's lakefront last weekend. 
Even with a recent focus on Confederate flags, it was the swastika symbol that attracted attention in the skies over Chicago, flown by a group hoping to rehabilitate the Nazi's hateful logo back to where it began, as a symbol of peace and well-being.  It's also a symbol the I-Team found across Chicagoland. 
In 1935, Nazi Germany adopted the longtime symbol of life as it's emblem of hate. 
The swastika's sudden change from good to evil left thousands of buildings in Chicago and across the globe displaying a symbol of Hitler's horrors. And many still do. 
A swastika is on the front of Chicago's most popular tourist attraction, Navy Pier, and seen at the one of Columbia College's South Loop buildings. It is embedded in marble floors at University of Chicago on the Lower West Side and an embellishment on a city monument to Jacques Marquette. The design is on what is now the Bridgeview Bank, and the former Continental Illinois Bank, along with countless pre-WWII Chicago homes and apartment buildings.
Definitely an interesting story and something we've noticed in buildings before.  Wasn't aware of the original meaning/use.

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