Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Look At Some New Sloop Art Galleries

A reader writes:
The build-out of this Shane Campbell Gallery at 2021 S Wabash has been ongoing for quite a while now but it now looks to be complete and open. I don't know anything about this sort of thing but this appears to be their second Chicago location, the other being in Lincoln Park. More info here: 

Also noticed this apparently new gallery at 2345 S Michigan, the Motor Row Gallery.

We weren't aware of Shane Campbell Gallery, so excited to hear that's new.  We will update the business counter with that one.

In regard to Motor Row Gallery, we've actually done a couple posts about exhibits they've had.  However, we were always under the impression it was a more overt operation.  Glad to see them put up some notification of their existence.

Art is alive and getting better in the Sloop.  As you probably know we're huge fans of the Wabash Arts Corridor.  There is also the Elephant Room Gallery at 704 S. Wabash that seems to have some interesting pieces now and then.

Are there any other galleries we're missing?

(Hat tip: DN!)

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