Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bacci Pizza Express Apparently Closes at Roosevelt CTA Stop Entrance

Bacci Pizza Express at Roosevelt CTA Entrance
Well apparently nobody noticed (or probably cared) but it appears that the Bacci Pizza Express inside the Roosevelt CTA stop has closed.

We did notice a month or so back that it was closed, but for whatever reason didn't think much of it.  We chalked it up to them closing do to the construction at the stop.

This second time around we thought we would ask one of the CTA attendants.  They promptly responded, "Man...they've been closed for about 3 months".  Acting like he was surprised I didn't know that.

Anyway, looks like we'll have to revise our 2014 business counter.

In other news, what type of business could work here?  A more upscale food option, Butterfield Kitchen, preceded Bacci, but quickly closed as well.

Any suggestions?  Should we move the Sloopin headquarters here?

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