Thursday, January 15, 2015

Burger Bar Looking to Open in the Next 2-3 Weeks

"Opening announcement week" continues here a Sloopin (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

The PDNA (Prairie District Neighbors Association) Facebook page has the scoop on an opening date for Burger Bar:
Burger Bar Chicago new South Loop Location Opening Soon! We have it on good authority that the opening of Burger Bar Chicago's 2nd location could be ready to open in the next 2-3 weeks. With their flagship location on North Clybourn in Lincoln Park, the new location will be on the corner of Michigan Avenue & Roosevelt Road, in the ground floor of The Colombian Condominium building ground floor retail space. Gourmet Burgers, salads, mac & cheese, 100+ craft beers, milk-shakes etc.
Last we heard they were shooting for an end of year opening, but that clearly didn't happen.  Regardless, this will be a good one once the doors are open.

Also, we recently walked by and they have a menu on their window if anyone is interested:

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