Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New South Entrance to Orange/Green CTA Stop Now Open

CTA Orange and Green line riders who live South of Roosevelt are probably a little happier now (me included).  The new South Roosevelt entrance to the Orange and Green line is now open.

It looks pretty good to us.  Nothing fancy, but it's all we need.

While it probably won't stop everyone from jaywalking across Roosevelt, it's gotta help.  I must admit, I was a jaywalker...thanks to this new entrance now I'm not.


Anonymous said...

2 entrances should not be a no-brainer! It's about time the CTA should start realizing that they operate in the 3rd largest city in the country, not in a small village. Next project for the CTA: they should start widening staircases and escalators.

Anonymous said...

looks the same as before or no???

Brianbobcat said...

Wasn't an entrance before, instead an exit-only rotate. I like it, but 1. would like to see a transit vending machine, and 2. what's with that fence to the left?

Anonymous said...

I can't get over the fact that there now exists yet ANOTHER police blue light camera in our hood (just above the eastern portion of the exit). Good grief!! Too bad it will not deter any of the law-breaking jaywalkers.