Wednesday, November 21, 2012

7-11 Coming to Southeast Corner of State & 8th?

Image from Google Maps
A reader writes:
You might already know about this, but a new 7-11 is going to open in the corner space on State St at 8th (next to the Lou Malnati's, same building as XSport gym and Jimmy Green's). 
As you know, there's already a 7-11 at Dearborn & Harrison, and one at the University Center on State St between Harrison and Congress, but I guess they're opening another. Makes me feel a bit bad for the relatively new Urban Grocers that opened next to Jimmy Johns on State St. just a few meters away.
This is news to us, but isn't surprising.  It seems like a pretty good spot for a convenience store.  Obviously something else would be ideal.


Bekki said...

What I would really like is a newsstand-type of business where I can buy a soda or a coffee without having to go inside and leave my dog outside.

Anonymous said...

UUUGH, more bums loitering

Anonymous said...

This is strange. The permit in the window at the corner at the other end of this block is for Urban Pantry. Will this block of State be cornerstoned with two convenience stores?

Anonymous said...

Great, three convenience stores and three pizza places within one block of each other. And I agree with the other commenter, why does 7-11 attract so many bums

Anonymous said...

I'm still sad that White Hen left the corner of 14th Place and State 5 years ago - why can't they open another 24 hour convenience store around there.