Friday, April 20, 2012

Sign Confirms that Alain's is Moving Forward?

There has been a lot of information floating around about Alain's, the restaurant supposedly opening at 1355 S. Michigan. The last we read was from the Tribune saying that they were shooting for a January opening. Obviously that didn't happen.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case five: looks like Alain's is moving forward.

If you're an avid Sloopin reader, you may remember that there was some debate on the fate of this restaurant back in late February (click here for the comment thread). Anyway, were not sure if they're continuing with the "contemporary American with a touch of Southern" cuisine initially stated, but it appears that the South Loop will have a new place called "Alain's" sometime soon.

Looking forward to what this might be.

(Hat tip: MarkChicago!)


Anonymous said...

oh gee, great another resturant that will close down in 5

Brendan said...

didnt super steve say this was going to be called something else? decor if I remember. He has been put in the Anon category now

frank said...

oh, gee, another worthless anonymous

thshoya said...

so let's just stipulate that it could close within a year- in fact I imagine most new restaurants do- nevertheless the people who are employed during that time will certainly appreciate their jobs and the building will certainly appreciate the rent it receives. All of the stores vendors will appreciate the business they receive too- not to mention the contractors that were employed to redesign the place. Let's try and see the glass as half full at least for minute...or five months.

Anonymous said...

I love how random names show up like "fank". I think this place is going to face a lot of issues with how small it is. My guess is that their price point is going to have to be high to turn a profit. Hopefully the food will deserve the high price point.