Monday, April 2, 2012

Why a CTA Stop at 18th Isn't Happening

We posted about the community meeting on the Green Line stop at Cermak and for those of you who are interested in what was discussed, the Chicago Journal has a good recap.

Many Sloopin readers preferred a stop at 18th, but we've read that it's not feasible? For more on that, here you go:
The main problem is that a station at 18th would sit just next to the point in the CTA system where the Orange Line splits off to the southwest of the Green Line, according to the CTA’s manager of planning, Joe Iacobucci. Putting a new stop in at 18th would require a completely new switching mechanism — including requiring an employee to run what’s now an automatic switch.

“The new switch would have to be manned,” Iacobucci said at the meeting. “It would cause additional complications with a system that runs pretty smoothly right now.”

Additionally, since there used to be a Green Line station at Cermak, the CTA has the rights to enough land around the proposed site to build a new station without having to buy any land. At 18th, the CTA would have to buy property in order to build a new station — the right of way is at least 10 feet too narrow to build a station there now, Iacobucci said.
Beyond that, the Cermak stop makes sense for many reasons including the city's plan for Motor Row and McCormick Place.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad after 2+ years they finally specifically announced the problem with a stop at 18th instead of just saying it wasn't technically possible.

Anonymous said...

My 5-year old kid could figure out why the 18th Street station was not going to happen... the orange line merge is right there! Duh!
Cermack has always been the obvious choice since there was once a station there and McCormick Place is a walk away.
It really annoys me listening to South Loopers complaining that 18th is a better option when it so obviously isn't...

Anonymous said...

Your five year old notwithstanding, here are three 'minor' problems with this explanation. First, CTA owns the lot to the east of the two lines on eighteenth: there is plenty of room there but I suppose they need the parking lot.

Second, the fact that the two lines meet there is a bonus because that would allow a stop on two lines for the price of one platform (wouldn't need to go north to go to midway).

And finally, the cost of one employee is the tipping point here? HA! They're talking about how much to build this? And this coming from the organization that has employees moping around at stops around the city.

BTW (building for easy access to McCormick basically cuts out any chance to give south loop business a boost)

Anonymous said...

it makes most sense to rebuild the Cermack station first... then in 10-15 years revisit the 18th St station plans and see if it is necessary with a larger Sloop population.
For now, exiting at Roosevelt and walking/busing seems like a great way to travel in the sloop!

... except of course you are disturbed by the individuals that wait for busses at the Roosevelt Station, for those I suggest adjusting your attidude or neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds near the Roosevelt or China town stations wouldn't be asking to have a red/orange/green line stop any closer to their home.