Sunday, April 15, 2012

2nd Ward Spring. Clean. Green Event on Saturday April 21st

A friendly reminder for a great event put on by Alderman Fioretti:
Join us to clean up and meet neighbors near you!

  • Bartelme Park- Adams and Sangamon
  • Immanuel Baptist Church- 1437 W Roosevelt
  • Grant Park- Roosevelt and Columbus
  • CafĂ© Society- 18th and Indiana
  • 2nd Ward Yard- 2840 S Calumet
  • True Rock Ministries- 57 E 16th St.
  • Phoenix Military Academy-145S Campbell

New This Year: Electronics Recycling Available
Drop off any unwanted electronics
(TVs, computers, cell phones, etc) at any site during the event and we will take them to be recycled.

3 Ways to sign up and volunteer!

Online by clicking HERE
Phone Call @ 312.263.9273
Email beth.o'


Anonymous said...

why can't the alderman clean up the huge mess in the defunct construction site on 13th and wabash - its looks like a garbage dump.

Rachel said...

Hey Brenden, Steve, and Fitguy,

Can't wait to see you all here helping to do something productive for the neighborhood. My name is Rachel and I will be there with bells on. I won't wait for you though, because as much as you complain about lurkers I am not sure you really understand that you may be the biggest lurkers of all, waiting to jump on others opinions in favor of your own and delighting in your circle jerk of congrats on how fierce you are by insulting all who dare to comment as anons. Prove me wrong and come out and do something productive with all that pent up angst!

Anonymous said...

I <3 Rachel.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more Rachel. Thank you.

BRENDAN said...

I will see you there Rachel.

( nice language, by the way. You're one classy chick)

Steven said...

Yet another blog entry hijacked by self conscious anons.

Good to know I am on your mind so much that you have to type up this boisterous memo to all the "meanies" like some sloopin martyr. Grow up sweatheart..

Rachel said...

Thanks Brendan...I am a classy chick...most of the time. But see, I don't pretend to be something I'm not so yes, I can and do swear like a truck driver occasionally and use funny and inappropriate language when a. I feel like it or b. it is needed. I would say in this particular case it was both. I am quite certain you have never made any comments other than super classy ones on this blog…so your comment to me seems very relevant and on point! And to Steven, I am not a martyr, just an avid sloopin reader who got sick of reading the supposedly non-anonymous commenters going on and on and on in every post about the “anons”…as if posting a name somehow signifies a lack of anonymity. We know that’s not true (and please don’t post your address again as someone did way back to “prove yourself” ridiculous!) In reality I don’t really care what your name is, makes no difference to me and signifies nothing since you either can’t actually link into someone’s blog page or could be completing making up a name for the purposes of this blog. There is still zero accountability. I am however curious about people’s opinions on the issues that impact the sloop, just not the constant whining and narcissism. I needed to get that out of my system, so thanks for the reply boys! This will be my last posting on this topic so feel free to swing away without fear of the this super classy chick striking back. I simply see no reason to comment further. I have said all I need to say on the topic, and my guess is your behavior will not ever change; thus, although it feels good to get it out, this post, just like many of the ones you have written, is in the end…irrelevant.

steven said...

can I have the time back that I wasted reading that drivel? Rachel, sweatheart, why dont you relax and go back to bed. I'm sure you just wanted to garner the attention of the "anon revolution" but in reality it ( like most things involving you) is probably a waste of time.

I hope you enjoyed your five minutes of fame, now why don't you finish making your lunch and head to school----don't wanna miss first period.

Anonymous said...

haha ouch. As Michael Scott would say--

Boom. Roasted.