Monday, September 19, 2011

Where are the Open Mic Nights in Sloop?

A reader writes:
Hi Sloopin,

Are there any open mics you know of in the South Loop?

We're familiar with a sweet open mic at Villain's Bar and Grill (649 S. Clark) on the last Wednesday of every month, but besides that we're not sure. Anyone have any other suggestions?

(Hat tip: SP!)


Neely said...

There's an open mic night at Overflow Coffee Bar/ Daystar Center at 1550 S. State. It's called Show and Tell since people can do more than just sing and play guitar - spoken word and tuba playing are 2 examples of other stuff we've had. We do it about every 6 weeks. The next is November 5 since we just had one this past week. Here's the Facebook event for it:

We have a bunch of other things this fall too under the title "Daystar After Dark." More info is here:

Anonymous said...

The Starbucks next to the Whole Foods on Canal and Roosevelt has open mic night on Fridays after 6 pm. Just saw the poster yesterday when I was getting coffee.

Anonymous said...

The coffee at Overlow is waaaaay better. Go there, not Starbucks for both your coffee and your open mic night.

Note: I don't work there. I just really like the coffee.