Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Columbia Student's Guide to the Sloop

From a Chicagonow blog called ChiU:

Columbia’s campus is located in the south Loop in downtown Chicago. The loop, for those of you new to Chicago, is the geographical area denoted by the loop created by CTA train routes. The borders are generally accepted as Adams to the north, Wabash to the east, Roosevelt to the south and Wells to the west. Back in the day, the south Loop was much more sketchy and underdeveloped, but since Columbia’s had its hands on it, it’s very college-d out. A lot of food, bookstores, coffee shops, and convenience stores. And 3 Starbucks within several blocks of one another. Hooray! There are nine main buildings on campus, all within about a mile of one another. Unless you’re a dance or theater major (those lucky suckers get to walk up to 8 blocks back and forth), you won’t have to walk too far.

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