Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update on Congress Parkway Bridge Construction

For those who drive in the neighborhood, we figured you would like an update on the Congress Parkway construction. This is from the Trib:

Major rehabilitation work on the outbound Congress Parkway drawbridge will begin this week, marking the final stage of the problem-plagued project and requiring new traffic changes, officials said.
The article goes on to talk about when the project is slated to be completed and some of the issues it has faced:

Installation of the deck panels for the new bridge surface is expected to begin in December, officials said. The tentative completion date for the entire bridge project is mid-May.

The $33 million project was plagued first by a delay in getting started in April 2010, then a construction workers strike in July 2010 and the subsequent discovery of unlevel floor beams on the bridge that required a design change to the new bridge deck. The original completion date was October 2011.
Can't wait for this one to be done...

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Jeff said...

This project had problems from the very start. I blame lollapalooza...