Monday, August 9, 2021

One Negative Covid Test for Lollapalooza!

Sample size of one here - I went to Lollapalooza, haven't had symptoms and had a negative covid test on Thursday!  So that's a relief, but realistically I was probably one of the more responsible attendees hanging in the back and wearing a mask if things got super crowded.

We will be curious as this story unfolds (or doesn't) over the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, most of the discourse has subsided regarding Lolla.  We saw Bill Maher reference it on his show (he was supportive of life going on) and the latest local news is health officials urging people to get tested if you attended (via Tribune):

Alison Goodwin was eager to attend Lollapalooza, excited for both the live music lineup and the strict pandemic protocols that she had assumed would keep the event safe for her and her wife, who traveled here from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Yet she became increasingly worried during the four-day festival, describing a sea of attendees “literally pressed against each other, maskless.”

She felt the screening process for vaccination cards and COVID-19 tests at the entrance was far too quick to be thorough. While signs requested masks be worn in restrooms, she said “this was hardly ever abided by and came with zero enforcement.”

Even though she’s fully vaccinated, Goodwin said she and her wife are scheduled to get tested for COVID-19 on Friday, a few days after their first potential exposure at the event.

“We would not have attended if we knew it were going to be like that,” Goodwin said.

In the aftermath of the event — which drew hundreds of thousands of participants to Grant Park — various health departments across the state are urging participants to get tested for the virus.

“If you were at LOLLAPALOOZA please go get tested for COVID on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday,” the Tazewell County Public Health Department in central Illinois said on its Facebook page on Wednesday. “This will help us shut down any local outbreaks before they get started.”

We can echo Goodwin's thoughts - the protocols at Lolla were a joke.  Hopefully the outdoor nature of the event really does squelch the spread.  


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