Friday, August 27, 2021

Kanye's Donda Experience at Solider Field Certainly Sounds Like an Experience

We've been curiously awaiting reviews and videos from last nights Donda Experience at Soldier Field.  While we imagine the phrase "you had to be there" is an understatement, we thoroughly enjoyed the Chicago Tribune's write-up on the spectacle.  Here is a key blurb that encapsulates the event:

To be honest, it’s how I imagine a listening party with Kanye West going. He invites me over. I wait two hours after the agreed upon time for him to arrive. Kanye being Kanye, just to irritate me, courting attention, he shows up with Marilyn Manson and DaBaby in tow — Manson who faces several assault lawsuits, DaBaby under fire for homophobic remarks at a music festival last month in Miami. They wander the house looking uncertain. Meanwhile, outside on the street, perhaps in Kanye’s mind, the house is under siege by black cars and a faceless army. The music he plays is challenging and interesting but after a while, it’s hard to pay attention to what I’m hearing, and just before it’s all over, in case I didn’t grasp Kanye’s frame of mind, he sets himself on fire.

Some of the videos we've seen are... unsurprisingly Kanye.  Afterall he literally built a replica of his South Side Chicago home in the middle of Soldier Field (via WGN):

Material coming out of the event seems a little limited for some reason.  Here is one we found that wasn't subtle - if fans had any doubt what they were getting themselves into:

And here is some actual music with DaBabby (the cancelled Lollapalooza headliner referenced above):

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