Monday, June 7, 2021

Shooting in Printers Row on Saturday Sparks Scary Scene

What sounds like a scary scene on Saturday in a prominent, highly trafficked area of the neighborhood (via CBS Chicago):
“I saw people running from patios, running inside,” another witness said. “I saw tables getting flipped over.” 

That worker saw the chaos in the 700 block of South Dearborn Street after someone fired one shot, of many, toward a restaurant. 

In the path of the bullet was a patio area where people were sitting. A nearby barrier just stopped it. 

“It’s been so many months of people staying inside and you want to get outside and it’s not safe outside,” the worker said. “It’s just too bad. It hurts.” 

These two shootings add to the 10 this year in the Central (1st) Police District, which includes the Loop, the West Loop Gate, the South Loop, and parts of the Near South Side. That is up from four shootings through this time last year.

Pretty scary stuff.  We say it all the time, but be careful and aware of your surroundings.  That said - we can imagine how it must rattle people to see this hit during such a busy time of the day. 

A reader adds:

Yes, I can confirm that Roots Pizza had a panel of its revolving door shattered, and I saw police searching the sidewalk on the east side of Dearborn St last night around 10:30. They taped off an area from Flaco's Tacos up to the wine shop.

(Hat tip:  AB!) 

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