Tuesday, August 11, 2020

More Looting Rocks City and South Loop Late Sunday Night & Monday Morning

 The city has been on edge again as looting took grip late Sunday night into the early morning yesterday.

We didn't post about it yesterday because...well...it's tough to see and also tough to understand the impact on the South Loop.  We've read various reports on news sites and social media, but any way you cut it, it's unfortunate on many fronts.

Here are some stories we've read if you're interested in reading more:

  • Binny's, Target, Best Buy as well as other stores on Roosevelt targeted (via ABC7)
  • Roots Pizza gets brick thrown through window (via Chicago Tribune)
  • Saprino's at 1923 S. Archer looted (via CBS2)

We're sure there are others that were hit.

Similar to the looting that happened a couple months ago, the city restricted access to the downtown area starting at 8pm on Monday night.  It's unclear if similar measures will be taken on Tuesday evening.

Stay safe everyone!

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