Friday, August 28, 2020

Kroll's - Another Neighborhood Stalwart - Signals That They Are Likely Closing Their Doors for Good

 Ouch, really sad to hear this of our favorites (via Kroll's Facebook Page):

2020 is turning out to be such a horrible year on so many fronts.  Kroll's was one of the first neighborhood spots that we visited when we were getting acclimated to the neighborhood.  

We have fond memories of many nights hanging out a Kroll's with friends and family.  In fact here is our first post all the way back from 2009 talking about "Blackhawks Night" at Kroll's.  While it seems like they may think about reopening next spring, the fact that they're wrestling with this decision is hard to hear.

They will be missed and fingers crossed that they're able open back up.

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