Thursday, April 30, 2020

Sloopin Covid-19 Spotlight: Clear Wellness Group

In an effort to keep highlight local businesses see info below from a new business that opened just before the stay at home order:
Just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Rinku Shah and my husband and I opened a medical practice in the south loop at 1605 S. Michigan Ave.  It's called Clear Wellness Group, and it has been our dream to open this clinic.  
We opened March 7th, and then essentially closed a week later.  Things have been difficult since opening.  In keeping with social distancing, we chose to close, and provide telehealth services.  Now we are ready to slowly reopen, but hoping to spread awareness about our clinic.  
I am a primary care doctor, and am just starting to provide Covid-19 antibody screenings to the community.  My husband focuses on pain management and mental health.  We would love to be featured by you guys, and gain any support from the neighborhood.  In any case, hope you all have been well, looking forward to being a part of this great neighborhood again!!

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