Friday, April 3, 2020

Lollapalooza: The Antithesis of Social Distancing

We were just thinking about Lollapalooza (via Chicago Tribune):
The widespread coronavirus pandemic has upended most plans for the foreseeable future — with a statewide stay-at-home order in place through the end of April, bars and restaurants closed to dine-in patrons and a growing number of events either canceled or delayed.
But officials still haven’t pulled the plug on the summer mega concert Lollapalooza, which is still months off on the horizon.
"Lollapalooza is on schedule," Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said. "It's our hope and expectation that it will go forward, but we will deal with the circumstances when we are much closer to that time."
Lightfoot was asked Wednesday about the music festival’s status, which is currently scheduled for July 30-Aug. 2 at Grant Park, and whether it should be canceled.
“Well, I think Lollapalooza is scheduled to start about four months from now," Lightfoot said. “If we think about where we were four months previous, or four weeks previous, or even four days previous, what we know is this virus is unpredictable, it’s fluid, the circumstances really are kind of changing day to day.
The statement isn't surprising.  August feels a long time from now and everyone is taking things day-by-day.

That said, Lollapalooza is the antithesis of social distancing.  Just let these pictures sit in:

So yeah....seems like Lollapalooza is getting cancelled this year.

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